Help Save “Gordon” the Dog

Help us spare Gordon's life! Everyone deserves a second chance!
Help us spare Gordon’s life! Everyone deserves a second chance!

In a few hours, Gordon the pup’s fate will be decided. After an initial misdiagnosis from the first vet who saw him, Gordon’s life was spared by timing and a second set of eyes to assess his condition.

Gordon has a fractured left leg and an extended gap in his vertebrae which is believed to be fixable with a spinal pin. The surgery takes a specialized veterinarian but is relatively simple with a quick and full recovery. Gordon is currently awaiting a diagnosis from the only veterinarian able to perform the surgery, Dr. Sands of Central Animal Hospital. Dr. Henson made the diagnosis that spared Gordon’s life, at least for the time being.

Please help us save this little dog’s life. We have multiple winter residents interested in adopting or at least homing the pup regardless of the number of functional legs. Working in the veterinary field myself, I have seen 2-legged dogs, cats and a turtle on wheels that are happier than many of their 4-legged friends. Help us ensure Gordon gets a second chance. Any donations to help cover the cost of his potential surgery will also be graciously accepted.

How can you help? Help us make sure Gordon gets the care he deserves.  Email or call Dr. Sands at 242-325-1288 or Contact the Bahamas Humane Society by phone at 242-323-5138 or 242-325-6742 (ask for Dr. Henson) or email

Everyone deserves a second chance. Let’s make sure Gordon gets his!

UPDATE 8/21/15: GORDON IS STANDING!!  He is not out of the woods yet, but this is great news–he has feeling in his back legs!  He is being treated like the superstar that he is.  Blood tests are pending but hopefully this “Bahamian potcake” will be healthy & can return to full strength.  All the Long Islanders are rooting for him, and we hope you will, too!

UPDATE 9/13/15: Gordon isn’t letting anything stop him from recovering!  He is now standing with ease and getting assisted daily walks outside as part of his physical therapy at Central Animal Hospital.  He is a very excitable pup and runs clumsily to greet visitors.  At this point, Dr. Sands wants to keep Gordon for another 3 weeks to work on his coordination.  And more exciting news, Gordon’s possible new adopted mom will be visiting him on Tuesday.  It’s a long road to recovery, but hopefully Gordon will make his way back to a loving mom and dad in a home on the island where he was found.

UPDATE 2/12/15: This pup is now happily back on Long Island in a forever home. He was adopted by an ex-pat couple. Gordon reportedly has made friends with the couple’s cats. The owners say he has 80% of his leg mobility. Except for occasional slips here and there, you wouldn’t guess the trauma this frolicking canine went through! Hurray for happy endings. 🙂


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