Reader Submission: Sisters In 100 Words

In honor of August celebrating National Sister Appreciation Day, I sent in a piece to on what my sisters mean to me. It was featured today as a guest post on their website. Thanks for sharing, BYOM!

Be Your Own Muse

Stacey Venzel, a zoologist and freelance writer from Long Island, Bahamas, took some time to share with us how important her two sisters, Ashley and Bridgette, are in her life. It is truly remarkable how many roles a sister can fill! 



best friends, soulmates, confidantes, supporters, dreamers, pranksters, defenders, time travelers,

counselors, partners-in-crime, rationalizers, unconditionalists, problem solvers, truth-tellers,

encouragers, memory-makers, idols, advisers, caretakers, believers, talkers, menders, comforters,

risk-takers, co-conspirators, teachers, stress relievers, competitors, opportunists, free thinkers,

listeners, comrades, borrowers, motivators, shrinks, impressionists, compromisers, helpers,

teasers, guardians, teammates, shoulders, cooperators, promise-keepers, trustees, influencers,

celebrators, sympathizers, opinionists, self-esteem boosters, co-workers, darers, leaders,

mimickers, resources, praisers, contributors, lenders, safe havens, inspirers, expressionists,

sneaksters, resolvers, appreciators, witnesses, sharers, moralists, confidence builders, energizers,

tolerators, kindred spirits, role models, loyalists, ministers, secret keepers, committers, beauties,

comedians, virtuists, mirrors, commonalities, forgivers, heroes, jokesters, pragmatists, identities,

protectors, givers, companions, admirers, bequeathers, equals, sidekicks, examples, playmates,


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