A Few Seconds Every Day in Long Island, Bahamas

What’s it like living on a beautiful and remote island in the West Indies?

This short video montage of my transition to “the real island life” bares it all: the turquoise waters, endless beach combing, year-long snorkeling, island pride, agricultural festivals and tidal pools.  It showcases hitchhiking in the back of pick-up trucks, driving on the left side of the road, getting the car stuck on the beach, and listening to the typical soft rock island radio station (i.e. where the ’90s came to die).  Take note of the many sea creatures, local Farmer’s Market, abundance of sea glass, historic ship wreck and hording of beach finds.  You’ll notice the goat population battles that of the human population.  You’ll follow us down dirt roads past homes with no addresses.  You’ll get a glimpse of the coral rock cliffs and crashing waters on the Atlantic side that contrast the calm, clear, powder beaches on the Caribbean side.

Take a journey with me, the boyfriend and cute Maggie (the seven-year-old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel) on a search for the perfect island home and a break from the strains of society.


5 thoughts on “A Few Seconds Every Day in Long Island, Bahamas”

  1. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOME SICK NOW!!! You have a way with not only a camera but with words. You captured our island!!! xoxooxox

  2. Can’t count how many times I’ve watched this while waiting for news of your safety after hurricane Joaquin. I hope ya’ll are safe and will have contact soon. We love and miss you 3!!

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