Sister Time: Alaska RV Road Trip Video

Reuniting with family is always a special time, but it becomes increasingly more sacred the further you’re apart.  With geography between you, visits are often infrequent but well spent.  My reunions with my sisters are always memorable.  One just moved from Salt Lake City to Seattle, the other lives in Peru.  That leaves me in the Bahamas and the parents back in Ohio.  But we make the most of whatever little time we have together, no matter where in the world that may be.

In fact, when your family lives oceans away, the reunion locales are often refreshing and exotic.  My little sister and I reunited in Alaska last July for a week-long road trip in a rented RV with 6 other people.  Alaska left a lasting impression, but so did the new memories made with my sister.  Enjoy this sneak peak review of our Alaskan RV Road Trip.


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