Q+A with Stacey Venzel, Solo Traveler, Zoologist + Writer

I am honored to have been featured on a women’s inspirational website today as one of their “muses.” If you’re not following Be Your Own Muse, you should be! This organization is doing great things for women. Thanks for featuring me, BYOM!

Be Your Own Muse

Stacey reached out to us last month with a lovely stream-of-consciousness piece describing the immense love she has for her sisters. We were truly touched and wanted to know more, and she did not disappoint! Stacey is an Ohio native, but currently living and working in Long Island, Bahamas as a zoologist and freelance writer. On top of that, she is also a solo travel enthusiast and a dedicated vegan with a strong sense of intentionality, self-awareness, and zest for life and adventure, all of which she combines into a riveting reading experience on her personal blog, Stacey Venzel: Just Another Adventure. Stacey’s journey, mindset, and lifestyle are captivating, and she is certainly not afraid to laugh at herself when she finds herself a bit lost in translation along the way! 


  • Age: 27
  • Location: Long Island, Bahamas
  • Education: BA in Zoology, minors in English + Environmental Studies from Ohio…

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