Calling for Hurricane Joaquin Relief in Long Island, Bahamas

hurricane joaquin devastationPost Hurricane Joaquin, the natural beauty of Long Island is only rivaled by the beauty of its people. It is a resilient, self-sustaining community that is slowly rebuilding despite the unfortunate red tape bureaucratic delays of government aid and relief donations. The north of the island seems untouched in comparison to the south, and tourists are already returning to resorts and private rentals like Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort, Stella Maris Resort and the historic property we’ve been renovating.
IMG_3565In the wake of a disaster, true colors shine through, and it comes as no surprise that on a peaceful, remote island in the Caribbean, neighbors are ever-willing to lend a hand.

If you would like to lend a hand, the most reliable organization for relief donations (monetary and supplies) is through HeadKnowles Hurricane Joaquin Relief. Unfortunately, through other organizations, many donations are not arriving to the affected islands as intended due to paperwork, duty fees and politics. If you know someone on one of the islands, shipping supplies can be sent to an individual who can then distribute the supplies from there, either directly or via a local church. Long Island is in the rebuilding phase calling for building supplies including but not limited to:

  • shingles
  • lumber
  • appliances
  • Ice and Heat roofing shield
  • tools
  • generators
  • nails, screws, nuts and bolts
  • home furnishings

IMG_3564Remember that people have lost everything. Concrete buildings crumbled. Roofs blew off. Tubs, stoves, beds, sofas, toilets and refrigerators were pushed out of homes and into the bush with the storm surge. People lost everything.

But, as one of many locals will tell you, “I got life.”


2 thoughts on “Calling for Hurricane Joaquin Relief in Long Island, Bahamas”

  1. Thank God for life! For sure. Once again Miss Stacey you captured the heart of what is happening here. May I share this? LOVE YOU

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