Cherry Mango Almond Smoothie Recipe (Vegan)

A dash of almond butter gives this smoothie the perfect consistency and taste!
A dash of almond butter gives this smoothie the perfect consistency and taste!

It’s been far too long since I’ve been able to share my kitchen concoctions with the blogging world. But in all honesty, I haven’t been able to experiment much since the devastating Hurricane Joaquin hit my island home, which left us chomping on oatmeal, lentils and quinoa for three weeks until the grocery stores and gas stations opened. I do have a small stash of recipes on my computer awaiting publication, but today I tried something new.

As always, fresher is better. But mangoes have too short a season for the world to enjoy them fresh every day, and cherries can be finicky. Plus, there’s the pits to remove… So I used frozen mangoes and cherries. You make your smoothie however you like.


6 oz cherries, 3 oz mangoes, 1 banana, 2 Tbsp almond butter, 1/4 c almond milk, 1/2 cup water

Serves: 2 people


1. Combine all ingredients in a blender.

2. Blend until smooth. Add water as needed for texture and successful blending.

3. Serve, eat, enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Cherry Mango Almond Smoothie Recipe (Vegan)”

  1. as you know we don’t have all that fresh fruit here right now….frozen here isn’t an option for our budget…..but almond butter I got! mmmmm…..need to try some……have any greens smoothie recipes? Kale, Swiss Chard, arugula, etc all coming soooo wonderfully right now. YUM!!!Miss you!!! xoxoxoxo

    1. kale, apple, lemon, celery is a good one. i think swiss chard and arugula would be too strong in a smoothie. you can try tossing in almond butter with the kale smoothie, but i’ve no idea how it would taste! avocado also thickens any smoothie and doesn’t really alter the taste, but gives great nutrients. experiment away, m’dear! it is a bummer about the produce and prices on the island for sure. miss you!

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