DIY Christmas Cookies

It’s the holiday season! Time to get down and dirty with your creative Christmas cookie decorating.

I haven’t been posting enough about Christmas. I mean, this is a season when we can sing “I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas” squeakingly and theatrically at karaoke and earn rowdy hollering applause. This is a season we can wear the ugliest sweaters known to man with pride. Christmas is a time we can do crafts all day long with the excuse that we’re making ornaments for the tree or homemade gifts.

Island themed shapes were also included in the cookie cutter collection, because let’s face it, there’s no snow in the Florida Keys on Christmas (or ever). The flamingo hues were mixed with sprinkles and a drop of every food coloring on hand.

Well, done, done, done and done for me this year. And just recently, I checked another off my Christmas to-do list (i.e. my stay jolly in the holly spirit checklist): Christmas cookie making! I forgot to add it to my Family Christmas Traditions post. Every year, we made butterballs and spritzes, church windows and holly treats. And, because we’re Ohioans, the famed peanut butter and chocolate ball (plus take-to-my-grave secret ingredient), the Buckeye.

Moose are kind of Christmassy, right?

Since my sisters and I are all growed up and continents apart from the parents, I felt a Christmas cookie cutter hole in my heart the first couple years I celebrated the season without the family side-by-side. However, the void was filled last year when some friends in the Keys all gathered to decorate Christmas cookies in what became a three-hour long sugar cookie decorating competition. And even though the boys pretend like they don’t want to participate, they get carried away.

Darth Vader was a collaborative effort made out of the bell cookie cutter piece. (One of the guys also made a series of Pacman critters out of inverted present shapes, but I was not able to snag a photo prior to the Pacman series getting gobbled up.)

Luckily, I’m passing through the Keys on an extended holiday visit in time for continuing this now annual cookie tradition. And so I present to you a collection of the creative minds, playful adult souls and holiday spirit evident with this array of over 100 cookies… we got a little carried away with the dough.

Mr. Peanut was a smushed snowman shape that was a toss-up between becoming Caitlin Jenner or Mr. Peanut. Though a PC Christmas would have been fun, we admitted we’re novice Christmas cookie decorators; there’s only so much one can do with a toothpick and sprinkles.

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