What Gets You Most in the Christmas Spirit?

Gus the guinea pig with a Christmas bow
Asparagus (“Gus”) the guinea pig once got into the holiday spirit with this Christmas bow, courtesy of my sister.

Whether it’s animals dressed like elves, Santas all around town or people running through the streets shouting, “‘Tis the seeeeeasoooonnnnn!!!” we can always tell when there’s Christmas in the air. The holiday is a season, a month-long more than a day-long celebration.

Louie the dog opening his Christmas present
Louie, the family dog, would find his presents under the tree every Christmas morning. He was an expert unwrapper.

Growing up, my family used to alternate between seeing The Nutrcraker and A Christmas Carol at the Stranahan Theater in Toledo. Our dog opened his own presents under the tree, sniffing them out Christmas morning among the other gifts and meticulously tearing the paper to shreds. We gathered for Christmas caroling in the living room, my sisters and I each playing a handful of songs on the wooden upright piano we’ve had since I was six. Everyone has a number of family Christmas traditions or noteworthy holiday celebrations with friends. We all have our favorite Christmas memories.


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