An Ode to 1980’s Music Videos

Throwback to an “Evolution of Dance”mash-up at Marathon Community Theatre in which I got to strut my stuff Aretha Franklin-style to “Respect.”

I’m still waiting for Fate to knock on my doorstep when all variables have collided for me to YouTube it up with ridiculous music video interpretations to classic hits and pop songs. I’m already a regular at karaoke bars and the local theatre in my old Florida Keys stomping grounds for my literal song and dance performances. I’ve already paraded the streets of London, a backyard pool in Copenhagen, a dive bar in Wales and my own kitchen with my theatre antics. Some select friends receive spontaneous video messages sent to their phones of my personalized renditions as well, the only time you’ll find me planting myself in front of a camera for a Selfie.

But I have this dream, a goal that, from an outsider’s perspective, is laughable–yet I know you’re secretly rooting for me to succeed. I want to routinely film silly music videos with my friends.

Tragically, the stars have not yet aligned for me to accomplish said task. When I find the friends who are eager to partake in this revolutionary entertainment experience with me, we are either geographically isolated or lacking in time or equipment.

But I hold out with hope that this new year in a new place with yet undiscovered friends and adventures will fulfill even my wildest aspirations.

In the meantime, I’ll stick to my prescription of 1980’s music video searches on YouTube to alleviate the anticipatory waiting game. If you’ve not rewarded yourself at the end of an exhausting day with some Journey, Eddie Money or Billy Joel original music videos, it’s high time you do so. The cheesiness is sure to bring a smile to your face.


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