Why You Should Care About Global Warming

Recreational activities such as offshore fishing and snorkeling at coral reefs is projected to be affected by global warming. Photo taken at Sombrero Reef in Florida Keys by S. Venzel.

A lot of people have their heads in the sand when it comes to global warming. Either they are vastly uneducated about the current and impending weather trends or they simply choose to brush related discussions under the rug. In Florida, government officials are actually–“unofficially”–prevented from talking about it at the risk of losing their jobs.

Unfortunately, politics have greatly misconstrued the science behind climate change due to the hush-hush of recorded and projected patterns by government employees. Governor Rick Scott of Florida has been interviewed denying the existence of rising sea levels and warming temperatures, no doubt influenced by his leadership position over a region that would be (and already is being) affected by climate change. In a laughable yet true and unsettling MSNBC video news report, this “no talk” policy was not only exposed but also held up in the Senate during a meeting covering the topic of… wait for it… climate change. Pay special attention to minutes 1:50-2:30 of the video for footage from this Senate hearing. You’ll find yourself chuckling, but then you’ll realize a scary truth behind politics–cover-ups and lies are all too real in our government.

So, if you’ve had your head in the sand and would like to learn a little more about why you should care about global warming, check out my article for The Super Fins on that very issue. If you’re a coffee drinker, you’ll definitely want to read the article.


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