Visit the Gorges in Austria

ice gorge austria
Visiting Burggrabenklamm, Salzburg in the winter. A short but treacherous hike that has been made more accessible as of Spring 2015.

The next time you find yourself frolicking the Austrian countryside, come summer or winter, be sure to make a stop at the many natural gorges meandering through the country. “Klamms,” the German word for gorges, can be found in abundance in the nine states of Austria. Some are more popular, like the Kaiserklamm and Tiefenbachklamm in Tirol (also spelled Tyrol), while others are lesser known and more difficult to find or access, such as the Burggrabenklamm at the base of the Alps in Salzburg.


Hiking Tiefenbachklamm and enjoying the fresh, cold mountain water during the Austrian summer. Photos by B. Venzel.

With winter temperatures in Austria hovering around freezing, gorge trekking can be a frigid affair. But the entire hike through the canyon is filled with glistening sheets of ice and long, pointed icicles frozen in time.

In the summer, the air climbs to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, ideal for jumping into the rushing river gorge to cool off after a hike. Be sure to bring a sack lunch, too, as you’ll want to stay with your feet dipped in the water for more than just a brief moment.


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