How Living the Simple Life Made Me Indescribably Happy

Photo by S. Venzel.

In the summer of 2009, I spent eight weeks in the Ecuadorian Amazon working at a wildlife rehabilitation center. Living and working in the rainforest, I was isolated from society, surrounded instead by lush canopy, buzzing insects and the local Quechua tribe. The lifestyle was simple and primitive with much of our food coming from the Quechua across the river. Though I lived in a bamboo hut, I was lucky enough to have running water–when the pipes decided to function. Electricity was non-existent, and it in fact made my stay more meaningful than it would have been were I connected with the outside world.

For the next six weeks, I’m a feature writer for Pink Pangea, a women’s travel website. My first article details what primitive living taught me about happiness. You can read the rest of my adventures from my life in the Amazon on my chronological jungle journal published in Perrysburg Messenger Journal.


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