Best Super Bowl Parties


Let’s be honest. Most of us watch the Super Bowl for the commercials—78% of viewers according to a recent study. And all of us get practice at how to read Roman numerals: “Tell me again, what number does the L stand for?”

If the game isn’t neck and neck, it’s a good guess I won’t be enthralled with the sport over the the commercials, food and friendly company. Unless the Browns are playing. (Dream big.)

Image source: Next Impulse Sports. (For real available on Ebay and Amazon.)

But in my wee years growing up in Ohio, my family hosted gatherings as often as possible, which included inviting 20 people over to eat pigs-in-a-blanket around our basement big screen TV—the ancient boxy kind that sits on the floor and was reserved for sleepovers and the original Nintendo.

My sisters and I excitedly put together $1 betting sheets: final score, longest running yards, number of Budweiser commercials, etc. Those Super Bowl parties are worth remembering.


A few years ago marked my favorite Super Bowl gathering to date. Under the winter starry skies of the Florida Keys, my theatre friends gathered outside to watch the game projected onto the side of the house. We dozed in bean bag chairs and cheered with classic party dishes while making the most of our tropical environment.

Some people hang out at bars, others don’t even watch the game at all. But there are those Super Bowl get-togethers that just can’t be beat, regardless of how the commercials turn out.


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