What I Learned About Love While Traveling Solo in Peru


Some argue that love is part of the basic human condition, and therefore inescapable even in wanderlust. Come Sunday, love will certainly be unavoidable. Because Hallmark places love front and center on Valentine’s Day.

But if you’re struggling with a confused heart while your friends are flaunting engagement rings, teddy bears, flowers, cards and candy, you shouldn’t hide away in your room. Celebrate love like you celebrate life. Celebrate you.

We should really celebrate love every day. But on Valentine’s Day, we can be reminded that the most important person to love is yourself.

When I traveled solo around Peru last summer, this life lesson was made clear to me. Alone, wandering dirt paths skirting the Andes mountains, I played both teacher and student. Time alone preached to me that my worth is not defined in the eyes of a relationship. It made me see that I should always feel complete in my own skin, whether in or out of love.

For a relatively timely piece that details what I learned about love while traveling solo in Peru, read my last article here as a Feature Writer for Pink Pangea.


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