What Are The World’s Oldest Pets?


When we welcome a furry, feathered or scaly family member into our lives, we anticipate that they will only be there short term. (In our hearts forever, obviously.) Statistically, dogs don’t play fetch for 30 years. Statistically, goldfish don’t become lifelong companions.

But, statistically, in order to get an average, there are always outliers.

What pet do you think lived through WWI and WWII and can be heard shouting anti-Nazi propaganda today? What pet surprised us by suggesting not all small animals have short lives? What pet shattered any records, living to be older than the United States of America?

Find out for yourself! Check out my recent article kicking off my writing contributions for Wide Open Pets, a new everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-or-watch-about-pets website.


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