Periods Suck: Menses in the Night


Sorry for all you closeted Puritans out there who don’t want to talk about it, but periods are a real part of life. And us women have to deal with them. Often. Like, once a month often for half our lives.

And for some of us, it epically sucks.

Some ladies get cramps so bad we just want to lay on the couch with a heating pad and a box of Cheez-its all day. But we have to make ourselves presentable for society and get off our butts to make money to buy an endless supply of cotton. Menses in the workplace, not a fun thing.

Sometimes we have a game or a performance or, God forbid, our wedding, and the Menses have decided it’s the perfect time to make an appearance, rearing their ginger head most unwelcomingly. White after labor day? Whatever. White on your period? Forget it.

I wrote a stream-of-conscious ode to the Menses in the night for Witty Bitches magazine. Menses in the night=a whole new battle of epic proportions. Whether you’re a gal or a guy or a gal who doesn’t really, um, feel comfortable talking about that stuff, it’s time you joined modern women in turning period talk from taboo to normal.



12 thoughts on “Periods Suck: Menses in the Night”

    1. Also, nice blog you have! I saw you’re looking for guest posts. If you come across one of my posts that you’d like to share on your blog, feel free to post them on yours with a pingback/credit to me and my site! I read in your “About” that your heart is in feminism and science. Look for an article in the next couple months about my upcoming role in a feminist project play called “Challenger” about the 1986 Challenger disaster. I play astronaut Judith Resnik, and she was one heck of a feminist, shattering NASA’s view of women in space. I’ll be writing about it–and my experience with the play and portraying Judy–soon!

      1. Play runs in April, opening night April 7. if you’re in Seattle for any reason… 🙂 I read that you identify with Judaism as well. My character, Judith Resnik, is Jewish, and I had to learn some Hebrew–The Tefilat HaDerech (spelling?)–for the play. Not. an. easy. language. (But I secretly liked the challenge!)

      2. I was in Seattle back in August but we have no plans to be there again for a while. Yep, Resnik was Jewish. Playing her on stage would be fun! Hebrew is easier on paper – where you don’t have to try to make the guttural sounds 🙂

    1. i was going to send this to you personally but then i remembered you subscribe. i love you for that and i love you for having a farewell to your uterus party. 🙂

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