Writing About What You Love

When I sit down at the computer, pull out my weathered globetrotting journal or bust out a napkin at a restaurant to scrawl out the thoughts ping-ponging between neurotransmitters, I am writing about something that lights a fire inside of me. I am writing to inform, inspire and entertain. I am writing what I believe and experience because we write best about that which we know.

It is a beautiful thing when you can write about that which you love. When you can get paid to do that, even better.

As a zoologist, I am a science geek at heart. I get abnormally excited about parasites, evolutionary adaptations and animal behavior. This explains why I can bury myself in reptile lingo for hours while I work on publishing a book on turtles. This also explains why I’m pleased as pie to be writing for a website that allows me to express myself using my knowledge, words and a little bit of my personality. I love animals, science and comedy, and I’m able to fuse those together into writing pieces that showcase my witty writing style.

My most recent publication for Wide Open Pets explores the honey bee waggle dance. When I first learned about the phenomenon in my university Animal Behavior class, I was in awe. Like pick-my-jaw-up-off-the-ground, can’t-stop-staring, let’s-watch-this-on-repeat, hello-I’m-a-science-nerd awe. Naturally, I’ve never stopped being in awe so I pitched the article idea. The result is a short but punny, metaphorically friendly, surprisingly pop culture piece. Moreover, it’s me writing about what I love.

When you grab a pen, what are you writing about? What fuels you to put pen on paper?




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