Green with Nature: Celebrating St. Patty’s Day in the Emerald City

If you can’t be in Ireland, what better way to be green for St. Patrick’s Day than celebrate in Seattle, the “go green” Emerald City of the U.S.?


Since I won’t be dousing my sanity with pints of Guinness today, and admittedly–abashedly–forgot to wear a green shirt today, I celebrated this holiday whose-existence-no-one-really-understands in my own way–a forest hike!




Seattle’s temperate climate and misty rain keep the city colors popping with vibrant wildflowers, moss and Evergreens; hence its nickname as the Emerald City. My hike through Carkeek Park took me along gravel and unmaintained trails under the forest canopy, following salmon-spawning streams, over a railroad track and spit me out on Puget Sound. With clear skies, I had a coveted view of the Olympic mountain range poking up along the horizon. I also had some coveted solo time for appreciation of the world around me, taking in the lush scenery with babbling brooks and chirping birds. And a crow who stole my raisin.

In the end, even without a green shirt, my St. Patty’s Day was filled with green!






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