The Face-Off: Dog People vs. Cat People

FotoRC/Morgue File

Have you ever looked at a friend and thought, You know, he really looks like an aardvark? Better yet, have you caught yourself looking in the mirror and identifying with a specific animal?

You know those people who have mouse-like features, or who eat like a squirrel. I have a friend who resembles an ostrich in more ways than one. I know a kid whose laugh sounds like a honking goose. I’ve been told I run like a gazelle (which is far from accurate because I consider gazelles graceful and I’m far from graceful). I’ve dated men whose personalities are akin to my childhood dog. (If you can’t date your dog, find a mate like your dog.)

It shouldn’t come as a shock, then, to learn that there are distinct dog and cat people of the world, people who not only prefer canine companions to felines, but also have dog-like personalities opposite cat-like reflexes, er, personalities. Studies exist. Science has proven. The data has spoken. Dog and cat lovers are more like their pets than you’d think.

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Find out with this quick quiz I created for Wide Open Pets! While I consider myself almost exclusively a dog lover, I’m apparently the first hybrid catdog.


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