Falafel Lettuce Wraps


Lately, I’ve been on a Mediterranean kick (read: falafelfalafelfalafelhummusfalafel). I’m working my way up to making falafel from scratch, but I started off with baby steps this time around (read: falafel from a box). I used Casbah Natural Foods brand and drooled over the results, but bake the falafel however you like! Soon enough, I’ll be whipping up falafel (and hummus!) from scratch, because we all know that’s the best food around. My hummus of choice was, sadly, store-bought. However, it’s a PNW local! Penny’s Creamy Hummus… mmm mmm good.


Falafel mix, lettuce leaves, hummus, sliced carrots, sliced cucumber

Serves: 1+ person



  1. Follow the falafel mix instructions on the box. I baked mine without any oil frying and they stuck together great. I prefer to make the whole box at once and refrigerate or freeze leftovers. My patties were about 1/2” squished golf ball size. I baked them at 375 F for 8 minutes, flipped the patties, then baked for another 8 minutes.
  2. Slice the cucumber and carrots into appropriate sizes to fit inside a lettuce wrap.
  3. Rip off some lettuce leaves and dollop some hummus on a plate.
  4. Wrap a falafel piece inside a lettuce leaf with some veggies and hummus. I prefer to make bite size pieces one at a time so I usually use a ratio of half a lettuce leaf to 1 falafel patty.

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