Animal April Fool’s!


For those of you who forgot, tomorrow is April Fool’s! What pranks do you have planned?

Are you going to replace the sugar with salt? Or put a rubberband on the spray faucet to douse unsuspecting dishwashers with water? Are you going to cover your priest friend’s car bumper to bumper in Post-Its? (Yes, I’ve done them all.)

You better hide your spare key tomorrow! I once had a boyfriend sneak into my apartment while I was at work and put the ole Saran wrap on the toilet seat along with replacing my soap with a meticulously carved piece of butter. (He put a lot of time into this project.)

Scientists are crazy people, and they’re even sillier when they spend all day talking to animals. Naturally, I’ve participated in some animal pranks throughout my days in wildlife rehab. My favorite was setting up a stuffed animal as an emergency case. The staff could not have been less prepared for the stuffed squirrel flying through the air.

This year, to celebrate this day of foolishness, I combined my love of silliness and trivia with my adoration of animals in a recent article for Wide Open Pets.

There are some weird facts floating around the Internet about pets, “facts” that become legendary and held as truth. But just how weird do animals get?

Test your animal trivia here with these myths vs facts in a quiz I created. How did you do? I’ll admit I learned a great deal researching fact versus fiction. Animals sure fooled me!


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