How Well Do You Know Me?

In honor of April Fool’s Day–a day in which gullible people like me are exposed, but pranksters…like me…get to shine–I’m going to test your knowledge of the adventurous nomad behind this blog. I’ve done some crazy things, but just HOW crazy?

Try this quiz below to find out. But pay attention… I try to trick you!

florida keys 1

True or False?

  1. I am writing a book on guinea pigs.
  2. I have been held hostage by a monkey.
  3. I stranded myself on a terrace in Europe.
  4. I once ate a cricket.
  5. I know how to sing “Happy Birthday” in German.
  6. I flew co-pilot over the Bahamas island chain.
  7. I learned to drive manual in Portugal.
  8. I won a race in the Scottish Highland Games.
  9. I jumped off a cliff into a waterfall in the jungle.
  10. I am an alumnus of an improv comedy troupe.
  11. I accidentally swallowed some of the Dead Sea.
  12. I played street guitars in London.
  13. I have had a lot of old lady roommates.
  14. I butchered a dead horse in Texas.
  15. I worked at panda and elephant sanctuaries in Asia.
  16. I danced to Lady Gaga’s Pokerface on the London Tube.
  17. I did a handstand on the Great Wall of China.
  18. I have wrangled a venomous snake.
  19. I got my ears pierced in a market in South America.


Answers… with proof!

  1.  False. Though guinea pigs are one of my favorite animals, so are turtles! My book on turtles is due out in Winter 2016.
  2. True. Monkeys often hung on the doorknobs of the hut I lived in in the Amazon, thereby locking me inside.
  3. False. I locked myself out on a third-story terrace in Peru for 5 hours.
  4. True. I ate a street cricket in Mexico to partake in the “cultural experience.” I also ate a fish eyeball in Brazil. It was chewy and salty. I do not recommend it.
  5. False. I know “Happy Birthday” in Portuguese! I learned it from a Brasilian boy while building a school there.
  6. True. The end of my time in the Bahamas went out with a bang. A member of Parliament was also aboard the 8-passenger aircraft!
  7. True. A spontaneous road trip with a car full of automatic drivers led to this surprise! While I successfully avoided any accidents and have driven stick in other situations out of necessity, I do not consider myself skilled in manual driving. (Read: Don’t trust me with your stick shift vehicle.)
  8. True. Running the race was spontaneous but remains one of my fondest travel memories.
  9. True. I did so more than once in Mindo, Ecuador. Evidently, I’ve got a thing for jumping off cliffs
  10. True. I was a member of the Babbling Bishops, my university’s improv comedy troupe. Ohio Wesleyan’s mascot is the Battling Bishop.  (Improvers like puns.)
  11. False. But floating in the Dead Sea is on my bucket list.
  12. False. I played street pianos, part of the international Play Me I’m Yours project.
  13. True. I’ve rented rooms from a number of elderly women, including a 90-year-old blind and deaf British lady who shared her survival of the WWII bombings with me.
  14. True. Animal rescue is dirty work, but feeding out a dead horse teaches you about the cycle of life.
  15. False. Add it to the bucket list. Animal exploitation is big in Asia; most tourists just aren’t aware of the consequences of riding elephants and cuddling pandas or tigers.
  16. False. I danced to Beyonce’s Single Ladies on the London Tube. I did a literal interpretation to Lady Gaga’s Pokerface on-stage in the Florida Keys.
  17. False. Not yet, but add a visit to the Great Wall of China to the bucket list.
  18. True. I hooked a Gaboon viper in Mexico. I’ve also worked with a number of constrictors.
  19. True. I was 21 when I got my ears pierced in Ecuador. I don’t recommend you get your ears pierced in the market of a developing country. Infection is inevitable.

Well, blogging world (and faithful friends who support my writing endeavors and adventurous spirit), how well did you do? Leave a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me!



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