Traveling the Globe to Help Animals

Last week, I had the privilege of penning a guest post for a fellow animal-loving traveler. The post presents a chronological, anecdotal run-down of my global travels in animal conservation, from Ohio all the way to Ecuador.

A few days after writing it, I flipped through old files in cyberspace and came across this travel animal video montage from my days of yore:

Though video capture of some of my animal stops are missing along the way, the clip gives you a glimpse into the life of a global nomad committed to helping animals… and offers you a sneak peek of the self-proclaimed comedian behind this blog. I bear no inhibitions, because truly, this world would be dull if we all stayed wrapped in our comfort zones and didn’t try to make the earth a better place.

I hope this embarrassing montage helps you find some inspiration to be weird and have fun. In the very least, maybe you’ll have a good laugh on my account.


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