What’s in the Food We Eat?

More and more people are starting to read the labels on the food they eat, but not because of a new diet fad. Instead, people are turning to the nutritional facts to see what kinds of chemical additives are processed into packaged foods.


Other foods without labels, like individual fruits and vegetables, are causing people to eat organic. Most organic-eaters will admit they taste the difference… and that their wallet is a little lighter for it.

Sugar is added to almost everything for preservative value and to increase cravings for the food. The treat might not taste sweet, but it probably has sugar in some way, shape or form.


Natural flavors are also a harbinger red herring. They are so similar to artificial flavors that it’s misleading to call them natural. Though they came from an original natural food source, like sugar cane, they become so processed that their nutritious value is lost, like with refined sugar.

The term “natural flavors” often masks other side effects, too. Ever wonder why Doritos are as addictive as crack? Like other snack foods, they are subtly loaded with appetite stimulants, covered up with falsely advertised “synonymous” ingredient names.


If that’s got you thinking, now is a good time to question what we feed our kids. Growing bodies and minds are the most susceptible to permanent damage if not taken care of properly. What do you or would you feed your baby? If you’d like to contribute to a study on what Americans feed (or would feed) their children, take this poll.

Maybe it’s time we start rethinking not only what we put into our own bodies, but also what we put into the bodies of our future generation!


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