If a Dog Took the Presidential Oath…

David B/Flickr

This year’s U.S. presidential caucus is more of a ruckus than I can ever remember in my nearly three decades old. The name-calling and finger-pointing make me question if the US of A is indeed a progressive “land of opportunity” nation as it is so characteristically described.

But we need not threaten to move to Canada anymore! The solution is simple. In the end, the only people who would really move to Canada are the strictly cat lovers. (Would we really want anyone on U.S. soil who scoffs at a bow-wow in doggles anyway?)

If a pooch snagged the title of POTUS, the U.S. would see some changes, all in the name of canines. (Some of the felines might approve, too.)

Think about it. And maybe pencil in Fido on this year’s ballot.


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