Pampered Pets: Animals at the Vet vs Kids at the Doctor


If you’re the parent of either an animal or a human or have worked in the veterinary world, you know what I’m talking about when I say people hover over their pets more than they do their own children.

My experience in the animal care world began with domestics before branching into wild animals, and oh the things I have seen.

Chihuahuas adorned in dresses, pitbulls in raincoats, cats with booties, handicapped turtles with wheels, gerbils with tube castles, guinea pigs with monogrammed carrying cases and sugar gliders with handmade sleeping pouches.

Gus the guinea pig with a Christmas bow

And just when I think I’ve seen it all, an owner surprises me with the pet pampering.

Humans tend to be helicopter parents with their animals more so than with their children. A veterinary clinic and pediatrician’s office both receive impressive client demands, but I’ve never known a parent to cringe and whine when their kid gets its temperature taken in the same way they do with Fido. A doctor visit with a pet is a whole different story.

Read more about my experience with spoiled pets here. I think you’ll find there’s some truth to my observations.


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