Give 100% to Your Dreams

For a nomadic gal like me, staying in one place can make me feel trapped like an animal in a cage. But as a social butterfly and, well, a female, I’m drawn to community. The vagabond life is filled with intrepid, like-minded travelers, but when I’m on the road, I miss my trivia nights, community theatre and local hot spots where the owner knows me by name. I miss feeling like I’m a part of something, like I belong.

Untitled design.jpg

This is one of the reasons I’m drawn to traveling slowly. Life is certainly easier when you stay put. But I’m not cut out for the cookie cutter American dream. So I’m blazing my own trail. I’m making my own dreams.

I’m merging my passions, defining travel in my own way and pursuing a multitude of dreams and opportunities. I’m learning that “staying put” is all relative.

I’ll always be that girl with a backpack. But I’m so much more than that girl.

We only have one life to live. Let’s not half-ass it.


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