Comparing Pit Bull Prejudice to Human Predjuice

Detroit Dog Rescue

Detroit’s ban on Pit Bulls means recently adopted “Smiley Dog” Internet sensation might have to go. Adopted by Dan Tillery last week, Sir Wiggleton turned Diggy dubbed “Smiley Dog” is making headlines. His owner registered him as an American Bulldog, but authorities aren’t sure. They will decide on a veterinarian of their choice to determine the dog’s breed, and based on that vets say, the dog might have to go.

Are all Pit Bulls bad? In fact, the most dog attacks occur by the littlest culprits, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas and Jack Russel Terriers. Why? Because owners nurture their Napoleon complex.

And yet Pit Bulls get a bad rap.

Pit Bulls are some of the most lovable dogs I know. Chihuahuas and Yorkies are the canines that lunged at me most while trying to take a temperature in the exam room. Pit Bulls licked my face.

But Pit Bulls are the ones getting the boot.

Legalized prejudice against Pit Bulls is like regulated racism against humans. It’s akin to saying every black person will rob a store, every Muslim is a terrorist and every Catholic priest is a pervert.

This needs to end now.

Sign the petition to save “Smiley Dog.” It takes less than one minute and could make a happily ever after for man and his best friend.



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