Henry Art Hunt


“Henry” has been dubbed “Seattle’s most prolific muralist.” In 2008, he started painting on building facades and indoor walls, cars and garages, quickly becoming in high demand. The majority of his artwork can be found in the Ballard neighborhood, both in plain sight and tucked away, initiating a “Henry” scavenger hunt.

On my walks around Seattle, I always have my eyes peeled for Henry art. But unlike my Banksy art hunt in London, I don’t have a map to follow to suggested spots where the welcomed graffiti art might be. Instead, I come upon it my happenstance. Sometimes that’s the most rewarding art around.

Henry’s familiar characters include a walrus and Sasquatch, among other large, goofy looking creatures. His designs are easily recognizable by a consistent style. However, if you’re not sure it’s Henry art you’re looking at, check the bottom corner for a white oval with “henry” written in block letters. That’s his signature!


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