Dream a Little Dream…

florida keys 2

Oldies are my jam. If I could listen to ’40s and ’50s on an endless loop, with the occasional ’60s, ’70s and ’80s thrown into the mix, my mood would constantly be on a high. (Especially if obligatory Christmas music is also included in the mash-up because, come on, Christmas.)

Today, “Dream a Little Dream of Me” played through my speakers. As I was singing along with it (maybe dancing a little, too*), I thought, “Yeah, that’s right, dream a little dream.” (Because who doesn’t get reflective when listening to Oldies, right? RIGHT!?!?)

Dreams often start off small, seeds planted in our minds. Watered, fed and nourished, they grow to Big Dreams, the kind of dreams that people say are idealistic and impossible.

But it’s the dreamers who are the doers in this life.

So I urge you to have your Little Dreams and to mold them into Big Dreams and to never, ever stop dreaming. Because if you don’t stop dreaming, you’ll never stop doing. And if you don’t stop doing, you’ll never shy from succeeding.

*Dance like no one’s watching. Always.


One thought on “Dream a Little Dream…”

  1. Love you girl. Keep dreamin’

    Michelle H Rickman Tiny’s Hurricane Hole Long Island – The Bahamas 242.472.8104


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