Unsteady, A Tribute to Friendships Through Body Poetry

Dear Friends,

The past 12 months have been particularly difficult for me. As the 1-year anniversary nears of Hurricane Joaquin–the catalyst to a year of countless uphill battles–I can’t help reflecting on the strength I’ve found through friendships. I feel like I’ve aged 15 years in this short time, but I would have aged 30 years if it weren’t for those who love me unconditionally.

I wondered how I could express my gratitude to you all. It only seemed fitting that I offer you my creative side, because you all have been so supportive of me following my creative dreams. So on this Labor Day, I present to you my labor of love. This is my love song, my poetry, to you.


6 thoughts on “Unsteady, A Tribute to Friendships Through Body Poetry”

  1. You have so much talent lady bug. As much talent as heart. I wish the past year wasn’t so hard for you. You seem so happy in the PNW.

    Michelle H Rickman Tiny’s Hurricane Hole Long Island – The Bahamas 242.472.8104


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