How can we help Haiti from all the way over here?

You never really know the full value of life until you’re left with only the clothes on your back. Once you realize you’re breathing, you’re alive, you begin to rebuild. But how do you rebuild when you have nothing—no home, no possessions, no livelihood?

In “first world” countries, we toss around #firstworldproblems like it’s something to joke about, while the other half of the world is dealing with real #thirdworldproblems. And it’s nothing to joke about.

Hurricane Matthew is about to pummel the U.S. The U.S. has the infrastructure to rebuild. Haiti is still recovering from the earthquake 6 years ago. My Long Island, Bahamas forever-home is so lucky to have been spared the brunt of this storm because it is still recovering from the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Joaquin last year. These islands rely on community to rebuild, because too often their needs are overshadowed by the eclipse of #firstworldproblems.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. I am asking as someone who has lived and worked in third world countries. I am asking as someone who has survived a historic natural disaster. I am asking as someone who loves you and loves strangers and loves this great big world that sometimes seems so small. Please help.

What can you sacrifice this week? Morning lattes? Happy hour? Donate the money saved to one of these reliable non-profit organizations in Haiti that will need to rebuild:

Jacmel Children’s Center: an orphanage for 3-9 year olds

Art Creation Foundation for Children: a program for Haitian students—money will help rebuild their homes

AID International-Faith and Love Orphanage: an orphanage for 0-21 year olds

I tell you from experience, every little bit helps. We are one world. We are all we’ve got. Let’s let our Caribbean brothers and sisters lean on us. My prayers are with anyone in, preparing for, or recovering from this storm. Stay safe.


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