The Broccoli Apocalypse

Yes, that’s right. I co-wrote a play called “The Broccoli Apocalypse.” And co-directed. And I’ll be co-starring in it, too!


This short futuristic comedy celebrates Fringe Month (experimental theatre!). It’s part of The Libertinis’ Matchmaker Showcase which paired together strangers to create a mini masterpiece in 4 weeks.

“The Broccoli Apocalypse” was the result of brainstorming with my partner-turned-friend. It follows the human connection between bohemian graphic designer Tula (me!) and corporate guru Joan (Sunny Monroe), who is living the American Dream. The duo interact in the bathroom of the frozen food company they work for during times of a crumbling economy, climate change, global food shortages, and spiraling international trade relations.

And it’s a comedy, you say? Yes, of course. Because Tula has an Etsy store that sells hats for cats, so she might make it out of this thing alive.

If you’re in Seattle, come check it out at the Pocket Theater on Oct. 29 @ 8:30 PM.


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