Creating Unity @ Seattle Gum Wall

My junior year at university, I held a campus-wide project for religious tolerance in which students and university staff were asked to “express their faith” on a piece of fabric. I later pieced the patches together to create a unity quilt that hung in the student union. “I love the Church of Baseball” was next to “God is my rock” and above “I am Jewish” and below “I believe in humanity.” It showed that our differences can unite us.

Now more than ever, this country, this world, needs acts of love. We could all use a break from politics.

Let’s express some togetherness next week. Join me on Sunday, Nov. 20 @ 1 PM to Create Unity at the Seattle Gum Wall.

This is not a protest. This is a showcase of the good of humanity.

All you need is yourself, some packs of chewing gum, able mandibles, and an open heart.

I’ll be wearing a bright yellow “hi I’m a tourist” poncho so that you can spot me. Bring friends. Bring strangers. If you can’t attend at this time and date, I encourage you to leave your mark of love and unity anytime on the Gum Wall, or to do a random act of kindness at 1 PM next Sunday (and every day).


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