Headshots, IMDb, & Following My Dreams


I have a hard time sitting still, so you can imagine how short the iPhone amateur affordable headshot photo shoot was with my sister. It’s like trying to get that perfect picture of a Labrador Retriever puppy. Wave some food in front of the camera and you’ll have one chance to get that shot, so you better not miss it. Yes, I am motivated by food.

I much prefer a candid, natural snapshot to a posed one. Photos of genuine laughter are my absolute favorite.

But ten months ago, when I set out on this creative journey, my sister captured a look that could work for my auditions, that didn’t feel like me posing in front of a camera. A smile that said, You wait for it world; I’m comin’ at ya. And eyes that said, Rejection, you don’t scare me.

And now this barfy headshot is staring you in the face telling you to follow your dreams. Because I did, I am. And I think the world is a little better off because of it.

Check out my IMDb page that, like my dreams, will always be a work in progress.

And if you ever get lost, anxious, or frustrated on the road to your dreams, hit me up. ‘Cuz I been thurr, done that.

P.S. I do need legit headshots so if you know anyone with experience taking photos of dogs, I’d be a good subject.


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