Book Update: It’s Practically Here!

Are you wondering whatever happened to that turtle book I spent hours researching and writing?

Well, first off, thanks for wondering!

Second off, thanks to anyone who helped turn the publication gears.

Thirdly, I’ve got fantastic news! We’ve got a publication date set!

I have learned a great deal about the publishing process through this, my first book deal experience. The biggest take-home was that it takes a LOT of patience. Deadlines get pushed back, shit hits the fan, and life happens.

But dreams, people, really do come true. If you work at them.

So get ready for spring showers, flowers and turtle power. My turtle book will be out in Spring 2017!

I’ve already seen a rough draft of the cover. Seeing my name in big print made me almost tear up. It’s happening people. I’m doing this writing thing for reals. And about animals, too!

Never stop dreaming, never stop doing.

*P.S. Props to anyone who got that Grinch reference. Because Christmas!!!!!!g948tgjl@3ue23uwteiljeliajfo9uior3uqmo!!!!!!!!!


9 thoughts on “Book Update: It’s Practically Here!”

  1. We both are very happy for you and look forward to buying your book for our grandchildren. Viv n Gil ❤️️

  2. Stace,

    I was thinking about the turtle book the other day. Whoo hoo!!!! I can’t WAIT for the big day! So proud of you, my friend. 😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️

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