7 Reasons Why WhatsApp is the Greatest Messaging App Known to Man

It’s time to get with the times, people. Even I, a millennial who just recently learned all the Kardashian names (I kid; I still don’t know them all), am a frequent user of the greatest technological advancement in phone messaging history: WhatsApp.

Why am I qualified to write a non-sponsored ad for WhatsApp? (It’s true. This isn’t sponsored. I just really, really love WhatsApp.) As an avid traveler with family and friends abroad, I need a messaging app that won’t have me racking up roaming charges, one that lets me stay in touch easily and effortlessly.

I’ve tried many other apps, and in fact still have some of them on my computer (Skype, Facebook Messenger). I’ve heard about Google Hangouts and Viber. But I can’t seem to break my love affair with this messaging genius. My name is Stacey and I’m a WhatsAppaholic.

If you don’t agree with me, you might want to agree with the rest of the world:

Similar Web
Similar Web

(Visit Similar Web to get number specifics and have your mind blown.)

Throughout Latin America, many countries advertise WhatsApp as the main messaging system. And instead of telling someone, “send me a text,” you’ll hear people telling them to WhatsApp them (in Spanish of course, you silly wabbits).

Here’s a list of reasons why you should download WhatsApp right meow. I’ll start with the best one first.

 1. Emojis

Hail to ye, O WhatsApp, a god among emojis. Not only do you have ample choosing, you can also change the skin tone to be racially diverse, politically correct, or have that black Santa you always wanted. It’s about damn time an app realized we’re not all white.

The quality of the emojis is top notch. Sorry, Google, but your gumdrop emojis just don’t cut it for me. WhatsApp also has two of my favorite, most unique emojis: the Stanley Hudson and the awkward nerd face (both of which are me to a T). They rank high among my frequently used.

Image credit: Stacey Venzel and Stanley Hudson

 2. Videos

If you’ve got a large video file that won’t send over email or Messenger, chances are, WhatsApp’s got you covered. Like those 12-minute videos you take of your dog that your friend just has to see this very moment.

 3. Live chat

Phone call or video chat with WhatsApp’s updated version. It works, people. I use it often. It’s FaceTime, but better.

4. Gallery storage

You can turn on or off the settings to automatically download all WhatsApp media to a separate file in your image gallery. For organization’s sake, this is killer for perfectionists.

5. Search option

It’s easy to find past conversations by perusing the search tool much like you would using Ctrl+F on a PC. (That’s  the”Find” shortcut for all you Baby Boomers.)

6. Forwarding option

If you come across a video on YouTube that your friend musthaverightnow, you can send it by clicking the share button and selecting the WhatsApp feature. Easy peasy. No more of these copy and paste shenanigans.

 7. Text referencing

If you’re like me and my pow-wow buddies, your brain ping pongs all over the place, and your fingers text that entire game of ping pong in a thread that would cause someone outside the conversation to question your sanity.

But if your fingers can’t keep up with your brain or your friend’s brain, you can reference past messages via the quote-reply feature. It is unknown to many, but I’m sharing it with you now cuz I care.

Just highlight the message of choice (e.g. Friend: “How do you feel about dogs?”), click the arrow second from the left at the top of the screen (there will be many arrows; choose wisely), and type in a message (e.g. You: “When they stare at me, I melt.”) Your friend’s message will pop up above yours when you send. You can do the same thing with images, too! Stop it, WhatsApp. I’m crushing hard on you.


So there you have it. WhatsApp is a cybertastic cultural phenomenon, and for once, I’m not behind the times.

I’ve still got my $25/month pre-paid SMS texting, but I prefer WhatsApping when I’m connected to wifi.

Lastly, to any of my friends reading this who downloaded WhatsApp just for me and my vagabond ways, it means a lot. Friends for life, WhatsApp for life.

Okay, I’m done, I swear.

What’s your favorite phone chat app? Join the discussion below!


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