How My 2016 Was Shaped By My 2015

One year ago, I penned a piece on my radical sabbatical. Re-reading it, I’m finding how much it predicted my future.

1. I WAS asked in a job interview about the 1-year gap in my resume. I explained my belief in the value and virtue of self-discovery, self-awareness and self-worth. I got the job.

2. I took this year to be single, to date myself, to embrace my neuroses, viewing them not as flaws but as unique traits that make me stand out among the crowd. I invested in therapy to deal with my recent hardships but ended up facing unchecked problems of my past. I realized that I really AM invaluable to my own success and happiness.

3. Taking a plunge, throwing away any sense of stability I had previously laid out in my life and starting anew in Seattle WAS incredibly challenging. But even moreso, it WAS vital; it WAS necessary.

4. There is a disarming truth to society, which is that we, as individuals, do not believe in ourselves. I had to believe in myself to fight through the rejection of the art industry, and I AM better off because of it.

5. Like 2015, 2016 was ALSO filled with unanticipated emotions, ups and downs and everything in between. But I like my emotions. It makes me a better writer. It makes me a better actor. It makes me a better animal caregiver. And more importantly, it makes me a better human.

I know myself better than I thought I could ever know another living, breathing thing. It is a beautiful, beautiful achievement that no one can ever take away from me. It is something I wish for everyone to achieve in life. Learn who you are, and be head over heels happy with who that person is.

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