She: Don’t Let Go, A Poem

Don’t let go of the one

in front of you

Who believes in herself

And the greater good,

Who still retains her authenticity

And morality

in a world of sham

And selfishness.

Don’t let go of the one

Who challenges you to think,

to be the best person

You can possibly be.

Hang on to the one

Who takes you on adventures,

Who makes you laugh,

Who opens your eyes

to see more than

What is right

in front of you.

Hold tight to the one

Who lives to get

the most out of life,

to experience all it

Has to offer.

Keep close she whose

Passion moves mountains,

Whose spirit is more beautiful

than the first bud to

Flower in spring,

She whose smile melts souls

with its sincerity.

Don’t let go of

the one who sets high

Expectations for you,

Expectations for which

She forgives you for

Falling short,

Because forgiveness is

in her nature.

Don’t let go

of she who is in love

with the idea of love,

And so loves others easily.

Hold on to her

who strives to be

No one other than







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