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Blueberry Vegan Protein Smoothies–With No Protein Powder!

If you’re pumping iron and want to bulk up on your protein for mega muscles, this protein smoothie is both delicious and nutritious! The best part about it? It’s free of any protein powder!

As any healthy vegan knows, the Where do you get your protein? question is mind-numbingly exhaustive. The myth that meat is the only source of protein can make us want to pull our hair out.

My sassy vegan friend, who stopped eating animals when she was 8, pointed out that she should have been dead from protein malnutrition two decades ago based on the protein myth. But alas, she is an energetic vagabond much like myself. People don’t really know how to respond when she points all that out. (I recommend you try it out; the reactions are priceless.)

Beans, leafy greens, nuts, soy, and more can get you your daily recommended value (DRV) of protein, which is roughly 45g for women and 55g for men.

If you drink two 16-oz servings of this smoothie a day, you’re getting over 65g of protein. SAY WHAAAA!?! One 16-oz smoothie will bring you more than halfway to your DRV. Again, SAY WHAAAA!?!

Also, for reference, an empty jar of peanut or almond butter is usually 16 oz. Mmmmm, almond butter.



1 block extra firm (not silken) tofu (45g protein)

4 Tbsp almond butter (13+g)

1/2 c dry oats (5+g)

1/4 c almond milk (<1g)

1 c fresh blueberries (1+g)

1 large banana (1+g)

Makes: 32 oz


1. Mix all that protein-rich goodness in a blender.

2. Drink up! Have one with breakfast and another for a snack! Store in fridge or freezer.


Vegan Pumpkin Pancakes with Kiwi & Clementines

Last night, I had a craving for vegan waffles. I don’t have a waffle-maker, but I could whip up some pancakes! However, I was lacking blueberries for my signature vegan blueberry pancakes. So I thought I’d add in some cinnamon.

Then I saw my bag of clementines and thought, why not? Below the clementines was a can of pumpkin I’d been meaning to use to make my popular vegan pumpkin bite cookies. Pumpkin and clementine sounded like a pretty good combo to me.

I added the kiwi in last minute because kiwi and clementine go very well together. The result was sinfully delicious, and my taste buds were so pleased that I thought outside the box!

I also used generic gluten-free flour for this recipe, which replaces regular flour 1:1.

vegan pancakes


1 c flour, 3 tsp baking soda, 3 tsp cinnamon, 3 Tbsp applesauce, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1/2 can pumpkin, 1/3 c maple syrup (or sugar/sweetener alternative), 2 Tbsp olive oil (or coconut oil), 1/2 c water (or as needed for pancake batter consistency), 3 peeled clementines, 1 peeled kiwi, dash each of: nutmeg, ground cloves, ginger


6 medium pancakes (I ate them all)


1. Whip everything except the fruit together. Add additional flour or water as needed to get the pancake batter consistency.

2. Coat a griddle in coconut oil. Plop the batter blobs on there once the coconut oil is melted.

3. Cook each pancake on low-medium heat. You may have to press down on them with the flipper to make sure they cook all the way through.

4. Arrange the clementine slices and cut up kiwi on the pancake stack. I recommend squeezing some of the fruit juice over top of the pancakes, too!

5. Top with maple syrup, coconut whip and/or almond butter.

6. Serve, eat, enjoy!

Cherry Mango Almond Smoothie Recipe (Vegan)

A dash of almond butter gives this smoothie the perfect consistency and taste!
A dash of almond butter gives this smoothie the perfect consistency and taste!

It’s been far too long since I’ve been able to share my kitchen concoctions with the blogging world. But in all honesty, I haven’t been able to experiment much since the devastating Hurricane Joaquin hit my island home, which left us chomping on oatmeal, lentils and quinoa for three weeks until the grocery stores and gas stations opened. I do have a small stash of recipes on my computer awaiting publication, but today I tried something new.

As always, fresher is better. But mangoes have too short a season for the world to enjoy them fresh every day, and cherries can be finicky. Plus, there’s the pits to remove… So I used frozen mangoes and cherries. You make your smoothie however you like.


6 oz cherries, 3 oz mangoes, 1 banana, 2 Tbsp almond butter, 1/4 c almond milk, 1/2 cup water

Serves: 2 people


1. Combine all ingredients in a blender.

2. Blend until smooth. Add water as needed for texture and successful blending.

3. Serve, eat, enjoy!

Homemade Watermelon Berry Jam Recipe

Watermelon berries taste just like watermelon.  Their many seeds add texture to jam.
Watermelon berries taste just like watermelon. Their many seeds add texture to jam.

In case you didn’t catch my post about berry picking in Alaska and nagoonberry jam-making, here’s another regional jam that can be made with fruits of the arctic tundra. I kid you not when I say these little red gems taste just like watermelon. And like their mother fruit, they come with plenty of seeds to give your jam some texture!

Don’t be alarmed when you break open the berries; they are very slimy inside. They are also extremely watery. It is difficult to mash the skin, so work away at it as best you can with the supplies you’ve got handy. (I only had a fork and a pot.) That being said, do not add water to this recipe! It will be liquid overload! I recommend the lemon juice for added zest. If you can actually add lemon zest, then that will thicken things up and give even more flavor.


1 cup watermelon berries, 3 Tbsp organic cane sugar, 1 Tbsp coconut oil, ½ lemon

Makes: 4 oz


  • Mash the berries in a pot as best you can. If you’re using a fork like I did, you really have to go at it hard core.
  • Add the coconut oil (to keep from frothing), sugar and lemon juice.
  • Simmer on low for 30 minutes.
  • Serve, eat, enjoy! Store in refrigerator in airtight container.