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How to Change the World in 4 Easy Steps

We all want our lives to have meaning. We all want our time on this earth to be significant. We all want to make a difference in the world.

But how, exactly, do we do that?

It’s something I struggled with greatly when I took a break from wildlife conservation to work in a more stable veterinary clinic setting. It’s something that tormented me as I set off to chase my many dreams. Was I being selfish? How was I giving back to the world?

I have since realized four things:

First, every job is giving back in some way. Maybe you’re helping the needy, maybe you’re inspiring others, maybe you’re boosting the economy, maybe you’re putting a smile on someone’s face or simply making their day a little easier.

Second, my career does not define me. My values, beliefs, morals and desires define me.

Third, by focusing on myself, I have been able to gain incredible self-awareness. I know my wants and needs. I know my skills and talents. And I can nurture them and use them to change the world.

Fourth, changing the world does not happen on a monumental scale. Change in the world is the result of chain effects. Little things. Elementary, my dear Watson.

So how do you change the world?

 1. Know yourself

Self awareness goes a long way toward making the world a better place. Take time to actively engage in conversation with yourself, to get to know you. Spend quality alone time with no one other than yourself and learn to enjoy it, to crave it. Slow down. Pray, meditate, journal or find an active means of self reflection to guide you along the path to self discovery.

 2. Love yourself

Appreciating your own self worth is pivotal to anyone’s success and happiness. People who want to change the world want to do so because they love humanity, they love this earth. But we absolutely cannot fully love anything else without wholly embracing who we are as individuals. If love really does make the world go round, then it starts within ourselves.

3. Be yourself

In a world full of so much sham, authenticity is a rare find. Live your life with honesty and integrity. Never try to be anyone but yourself. If we are not truthful to ourselves, then we are not being truthful to the changes we wish to see in the world.

 4. Give of yourself

Pay it forward. The focus on giving back isn’t on being selfless, because learning to love yourself can be an incredibly selfish task, one that requires constant time and sacrifice. Give of yourself by being open and vulnerable to the world so that you can find your role in it.

And that’s it. It really is that simple.

How do you change the world? By turning the focus inward. Look to yourself and there you’ll find the answer.


Creating Unity @ Seattle Gum Wall

My junior year at university, I held a campus-wide project for religious tolerance in which students and university staff were asked to “express their faith” on a piece of fabric. I later pieced the patches together to create a unity quilt that hung in the student union. “I love the Church of Baseball” was next to “God is my rock” and above “I am Jewish” and below “I believe in humanity.” It showed that our differences can unite us.

Now more than ever, this country, this world, needs acts of love. We could all use a break from politics.

Let’s express some togetherness next week. Join me on Sunday, Nov. 20 @ 1 PM to Create Unity at the Seattle Gum Wall.

This is not a protest. This is a showcase of the good of humanity.

All you need is yourself, some packs of chewing gum, able mandibles, and an open heart.

I’ll be wearing a bright yellow “hi I’m a tourist” poncho so that you can spot me. Bring friends. Bring strangers. If you can’t attend at this time and date, I encourage you to leave your mark of love and unity anytime on the Gum Wall, or to do a random act of kindness at 1 PM next Sunday (and every day).

A Letter of Love to My Unborn Child

Dear Little One,

You are floating through an unknown distant future right now, your birthdate yet to be determined. You are innocent and non-cynical. You are pure and beautiful. You likely share my big brown eyes and Tigger energy. (Tigger was a bouncy, energetic cartoon character when your mom was growing up.) You are hopefully embarrassed about nothing and genuine about everything. You are a child, and you are mine.

As your mother, I will be nothing but honest with you.

When you ask me why I sometimes cry when I’m happy, I will explain to you the phenomenon of tears of joy. When you ask me why I’m sometimes sad, I will tell you that sometimes the world makes me unhappy, but I’m trying my hardest to make it better.

When you ask me where you came from, I will tell you how Mommy and Daddy created you out of love. When you ask me why your friend has two dads, I will tell you that that is the way his family loves. When you ask me why our neighbors have dark skin, I will tell you that skin comes in many colors but it doesn’t make us different. When you ask me why your classmate wears a scarf on her head, I will tell you it’s called a hijab, and she wears it because she has the right to dress and believe whatever she wants. And when you ask me what a right is, I will tell you it is something you are born with.

When you ask me if I’ve ever run away from my problems, I will tell you yes, and it solves nothing. When you ask me why you don’t have as many toys as the other kids, I will tell you that imagination is the best toy in the world, and that you can carry it everywhere you go. When you ask me why that man is dirty and sitting on the streets, I will ask you how you think we can help him. When you ask me why we can’t afford a big house, I will teach you what it means to follow your dreams.

When you ask me if we can get a dog at the pet store, I will take you to the shelter and come home with 13 handicapped pets. When you ask me if I ever fought with my sisters, I will tell you yes, but I never stopped loving them. When you ask me how to know if something is good or bad or right or wrong, I will tell you to listen to your heart.

When you ask me if I have ever hated someone, I will tell you yes, and it tore me apart. And when you ask me if I still hate that person, I will tell you no, because your mommy wanted to bring you into a world that is filled with love, and she can’t do that if she has hate in her heart.

When you ask me what you should do when you feel lost, afraid, judged, or forgotten, I will tell you to love harder and more.

When you ask me why you were born, I will tell you that I wanted to give to you the gift of loving because there is really no greater gift than that.

“If there is anything better than to be loved it is loving.”


The Broccoli Apocalypse

Yes, that’s right. I co-wrote a play called “The Broccoli Apocalypse.” And co-directed. And I’ll be co-starring in it, too!


This short futuristic comedy celebrates Fringe Month (experimental theatre!). It’s part of The Libertinis’ Matchmaker Showcase which paired together strangers to create a mini masterpiece in 4 weeks.

“The Broccoli Apocalypse” was the result of brainstorming with my partner-turned-friend. It follows the human connection between bohemian graphic designer Tula (me!) and corporate guru Joan (Sunny Monroe), who is living the American Dream. The duo interact in the bathroom of the frozen food company they work for during times of a crumbling economy, climate change, global food shortages, and spiraling international trade relations.

And it’s a comedy, you say? Yes, of course. Because Tula has an Etsy store that sells hats for cats, so she might make it out of this thing alive.

If you’re in Seattle, come check it out at the Pocket Theater on Oct. 29 @ 8:30 PM.

Calling for Hurricane Matthew Relief in Andros, Bahamas

Still wondering how you can donate to hurricane relief from so far away? Add to this Amazon wishlist for families in Andros, Bahamas that lost everything in Hurricane Matthew.

You can also make donations to help children and their families rebuild in Haiti. Click here for more information on reliable places to make monetary donations for Haiti hurricane relief.

Mother Nature is strong and beautiful, and She gives us perspective we didn’t know we needed. Please give of yourselves to help those in need.

If you know of any other reliables ways to donate to the Caribbean islands affected by Hurricane Matthew, please leave a comment below.

UPDATE 10/14/16:

You can also donate to The Bahamas Hurricane Restoration Fund.


Finding Your Place in the World


I’ve spent the last five years trying to figure out my place in the world.

It’s exhausting.

It’s non-gratifying.

It’s disillusioned.

What if we don’t “fit in” anywhere wholly and completely?

What if we’re not destined for the cookie cutter American dream?

What if we’re the black sheep who lives life unconventionally but honestly?

What if, instead of trying to find our place in the world, we made our own?

We have the capacity to blaze our own trails, to throw caution to the wind, to let loose our sails and live out every cliché ever spoken.

The ball is in our court.

How will we proceed?