Ohio born and bred, Stacey is a small town girl at heart. Her love for culture and the natural world has taken her around the globe to dozens of countries and into the lives of more than a hundred animal species. She has an equal fervor for acting and writing, with a knack for both comedy and drama in performance and written art.

She attended Ohio Wesleyan University where she graduated with a B.A. in Zoology, minors in English and Environmental Studies. During college summers, she traveled throughout the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Brazil, and Europe, and since then, has found herself continuously drawn back to Latin America and her European ancestry. Many of her sojourns are independent excursions and have subsequently sparked a fire for solo woman travel.

In addition to life abroad, Stacey has traveled and lived all throughout the U.S. including long bouts in Texas, Florida, Alaska and, currently, Washington. When she is not on the road, she is most often working with animals, focusing on conservation and education through field, laboratory, and clinic studies. She has extensive experience with domestic animals and wildlife–companion animals and pocket pets, native and exotic wildlife, marine fauna and livestock–with a soft spot for guinea pigs, goats, and sea turtles.

To keep her busy, Stacey acts and writes as often as possible. She is frequently published online and in print and can be seen on-stage or in films.

Stacey believes in doing what you love, living life with integrity and an open, hungry mind. She is fueled not by one but many passions, and she finds beauty in the art of merging them. As such, she is excited for the 2017 debut of her first published book on turtles and is thrilled to be working on a TV series about animals.

A note from the author:

Adventure-seeker, zoologist, actress, writer, traveler, and vegan, I strive to get the most out of life. In doing so, I wish to share my experiences along the way.  My writing and acting have a dual purpose, to inspire and entertain.  I hope my posts and performances stretch the limits of your mind, but in the very least, I hope you have some good laughs.




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