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Stacey began acting in middle school, landing her first theatrical lead role as Alice in Alice in Wonderland at the age of 12. She continued to perform in community and school productions in her hometown of Perrysburg, Ohio up until she attended Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio. Other credits from her youth include Maria in the Shakespearean montage William’s Window, Suleyman in Aladdin, Margie Eaton in Present Tense, and various multi-character dramatic and comedic performances during Speech competitions that won her numerous awards.

In college, she was an active member of her college improv comedy troupe, The Babbling Bishops, where her flexibility and skills in physical theatre earned her the stage name “Putty.” She also delivered a standout performance as Belva Summers in The Lottery, learning to knit for the role. Additional university credits include Sophia in Check, Please, Rhino in Alphabet Soup, and three dance performances covering the genres of hip-hop, jazz, and theatrical. Stacey’s one-act dramatic comedy, A Carton of Milk, also premiered on-stage at OWU. The play depicts the relationship of an ailing, crotchety, and stubborn widow in his hospital room and the young female nurse who attempts to change his heart.

When Stacey relocated to the Florida Keys in 2012 after years of nomadic living, she jumped right into the actor life, joining up with Marathon Community Theatre. She had many leading and supporting roles there including Lt. Cdr. Joanne Galloway in A Few Good Men–the only female among a cast of 14 males for which she won a Best Supporting Actress Award. She also played Tricia Darby in Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, Nurse Kelly in Harvey, and Janet Davis in Marrying Terry. Stacey danced jazz, hip-hop, theatrical, lyrical, and interpretive choreography in five MCT productions, four of which spotlighted self-choreographed solo performances. Two of these solo acts were comedic literal interpretations to pop songs, crowd-pleasing favorites of the night.

Stacey was cast in the first theatrical show she auditioned for in the Pacific Northwest. She portrayed biographical astronaut Judith Resnik in Challenger, a devised fringe theatre piece and all-female cast through Rocket Theatre Lab. The play details the before, during, and after of the 1986 Challenger space shuttle disaster. As Resnik was Jewish, Stacey learned a Hebrew prayer for the play. Other minor biographical roles she performed included NASA engineer George Hardy, NASA publicity chairwoman Ann Bradley, and teacher Eileen O’Hara. Stacey had a total of 11 roles in Challenger.

Stacey’s most recent theatrical production involved co-writing, co-directing and co-starring in a sketch entitled “The Broccoli Apocalypse.” She is currently contracted as a cast member with American Immersion Theater and The Murder Mystery Company performing improvised interactive shows throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Stacey’s film credits date back to elementary school when she was selected to speak out against bullying in schools for a local news special. In her adult years, she did a promo for Keys TV 88 in the Florida Keys as well as a radio spot with Conch Records. She was interviewed in an online Yellow Pages commercial as herself for the local business where she worked. Additionally, while employed in the veterinary field, she worked on the set of two Gator Boys episodes along with various news stations and animal and travel shows.

Relocating to Seattle in January 2016, Stacey hit the ground running. She has had the honor of wearing many hats with Washington-based independent film company Blue Forge Films, whose productions ask more questions than they answer. She had a lead role in The Unspoken, which filmed on-location in one week in the Cascade mountains. Her complex character, Alice Godwin, lived a drug-fueled life of uppers and downers to escape a haunted past. The role had many references to Alice in Wonderland, bringing Stacey’s childhood stage credit full circle.

Additional roles include Dr. Barbara Riley, head psychiatrist at an insane asylum in The Trees Have Names, and writer/director/actor in numerous film festivals, including two where Stacey won Best Actress and one that awarded her Best Film.

She also played two mothers for a medical training webseries with the University of Washington and a citizen in Hold, a student short with Seattle Film Institute.

Stacey can be seen as the psychotic Kassie in Althea, a dystopian thriller TV and web series. She is also hard at work co-writing, directing and producing Blood Music, a Sons of Anarchy meets The Walking Dead TV and web series in which paranormal activity intertwines together a motorcycle club and a Native American reservation. Stacey will also have the lead role in a sci-fi TV series called Helios. Look out for the shows on Amazon Prime, YouTube Red, and Washington Broadcast TV.

Currently, Stacey is the actor, director, writer, and co-producer of a new web series called Animals & Humans, which follows the human condition as it relates to thinking like animals. Catch each episode on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and on DVD or Amazon Prime. Her production company, also in the works, is called dream&do productions, LLC.


  • Long and short form improv workshops, 2 in Chicago @ Improv Olympic and Annoyance Theater, 1 in Ohio under comedic coach Graeme Hinde. Training and performance in the Harold.
  • Writing & literature courses under award-winning novelist Robert Olmstead, author of Far Bright Star (adapted for the screen by Casey Affleck and starring Joaquin Phoenix).
  • Playwriting course under award-winning playwright Bonnie Milne-Gardner.
  • Screenwriting courses under award-winning author Jennifer DiMarco.
  • Modular Method certified through Blue Forge Films.
  • Public speaking courses, competitions, and professional experience.
  • Teacher, basic dance for 4 to 8 year olds, 4 years.
  • Dance courses in swing, ballroom, and line.
  • Commercial advertisement modeling.
  • Devised theatre collaboration.
  • Active in experimental fringe theatre.
  • Shakespearean and classic literature courses.
  • Spanish speaking. Medical and animal background.

never stop dreaming. never stop doing.

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